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Yes, you can taste the difference.
A day in the life of
your purified water.
This is not for
the faint of heart.

"The customer-friendly folks at Purified H2O brought to my attention a number of health and safety concerns regarding bottled water. I was shocked at what I found out! We are happy we found an alternative that is better for the environment, while drastically cutting our drinking water expenses."

Ann Dill, Ratliff Ready Mix

"Purified H2O has made is so much easier to budget for our drinking water expenses with a fixed monthly rate. No more bottle deposits, delivery fees or fuel surcharges with our new bottle-less water systems, our monthly bill is the same no matter how much water we drink."

Jim Pearson, Texas Farm Bureau


Every good solution starts with a need. The need to eliminate the hassles of lifting and storing heavy 5-gallon water bottles; the need to cut unnecessary costs when you can purify the water you already pay for; and most importantly the need to provide safer, fresher, and better tasting drinking water. Now is the time to replace your existing drinking water system with a more convenient, cost effective, and higher quality alternative. 

​We experienced the headaches caused by using and storing heavy 5-gallon water bottles, and we set out to offer a better alternative. We provide top-of-the-line water coolers that tie directly into an existing water line, eliminating the need to purchase and store clunky water jugs. Our coolers filter your water through a 16 stage purification process where it is stripped of all impurities, balanced to a perfect pH level, and enriched with the nutrients and minerals your body needs to function.  Enhance your health and protect the planet by joining the bottle-less water movement!

experience water in its purest form

Through a state of the art reverse osmosis purification process, our water coolers remove sediment, chemicals, metals, and bacteria to deliver drinking water in its purest form.



Waco Office

Corpus Christi

1080 Industrial Blvd

Hewitt, TX 76643


Tel: 254-666-2592

Fax: 254-666-6044

4455 South Padre Island Dr, Suite 45B

Corpus Christi, TX 78411



Tel: 254-666-2592

Fax: 254-666-6044


We believe in the quality of our products, so we offer a 7-day, no-obligation demo of our our coolers so you can see, and taste, the difference. When you experience one of our point-of-use water coolers, you won't want to give it back! Fill out the form above and write "Demo" in the subject line to kick off the application process.

Thanks! Message sent.

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